Dipper Watching

Hocker-dipper-sketch-2 I've been assisting with research on American Dippers in the Juneau area for eight years now, and have co-authored a couple of books about them. I just never get tired of watching these great little birds–they're endlessly entertaining! Went out a couple of days ago to check on a nest site and found a pair busy establishing the next generation. Like most dippers, they've chosen fantastic real estate: the nest is tucked among some boulders behind a small but beautiful waterfall. Didn't have my sketchbook with me, so this drawing is from memory.

For more information about our books about American Dippers, see my books page.

2 thoughts on “Dipper Watching

  • A wonderful post about dippers! I work at the Kokanee Creek Nature Centre, Kokanee Creek Provincial Park in British Columbia. We offer “Science in the Park” research talks in our centre. We have dippers nesting (usually twice a season) on the spawning channel. It would be great if you could come and give a talk! I suppose Alaska is a long ways from Nelson B.C., but if you are ever out our way, we would love to have you give a talk!

    • Hi, Joanne– Sorry for the delay in responding. It’s always a pleasure to hear from a fellow dipper admirer… and it would be fun to come give a talk someday. If I’m going to be in your neighborhood, I’ll let you know!

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