Over the past 25 years, I’ve written and/or illustrated several books, on subjects ranging from underwater insects to Alaska’s glaciers. I’ve written for all ages, but my current focus is children’s natural history picture books. As an author, I’m represented by Mary Cummings, of Great River Literary.

I love doing school author visits, readings and book-related lessons. Let me know if you’re interested in scheduling something. And I want these books to be the best resources they can be for teachers, parents, caregivers, and kids… so I’ll be happy to talk about lesson plans that help enhance their content. Contact me to discuss the possibilities.


I Was (Candlewick Press, 2024)

When You See Us (Candlewick Press, 2025)

Years of watching humpback whales on the water near our home led my co-author, Cheryl Cook, and me to write this children’s picture book.

This children’s book grew out of a multi-year research project studying the ecology and behavior of American Dippers. It was self-published at first, then picked up for publication by Yosemite Conservancy. Available here.

Ecologist Mary Willson and I wrote this book about our favorite research subjects, American Dippers. It’s the only science book that we’re aware of that focuses entirely on these wonderful birds. There are a few copies left; let me know if you would like to purchase one.

A tour of the dazzling diversity of aquatic insects in Alaska! Available as a free PDF from Bob Armstrong’s wonderful website – (and while you are there, make sure you take a look at all of the other books, photos, and videos that Bob has generously made available).

This middle-grade science book, published by Alaska Geographic, won a National Association for Interpretation Small Books Award in 2007. Available here.

I grew up within sight of the Mendenhall Glacier, so when I was asked to write this book for Alaska Geographic, I jumped at the chance! (Out of print)