I grew up in Juneau, Alaska, where I spent a lot of my childhood playing in the woods, fishing, exploring tidepools, catching bugs, and watching birds. I loved to draw and paint and learn about science—especially animals.

I graduated from Harvard University in 1990 with a bachelor’s in biology, then studied science illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz. After a few years of trying out different places to live, I came home to Southeast Alaska.

Now I’m back where I was as a child: exploring the wild world, learning about plants, animals, rocks, tides, rivers, and mountains, and drawing, painting, writing, learning, and teaching about science and art. My hometown is a little community near Glacier Bay National Park. (You can learn more about Gustavus here).

I always seem to have about twenty projects going at any given time—from book illustrations, to commissioned paintings, to murals, to my own quirky pursuits—and I’m always looking for more!