Ermine Season

Kh-autumn-ermine  On a walk yesterday, 1000 feet elevation. Little grainy patches of snow were all that remained from last weekend's snowfall, and the bog grasses/sedges were matted and glum. Wind was gusting, making alder leaves skitter across the road.

The ermine didn't skitter–it rippled, moving along the ground like a minnow along a streambed. I held my breath as it crossed a small meadow and dived into the gloom under a hemlock.

Then I walked on, with leaves skittering around my feet. This is my memory of that encounter.

One thought on “Ermine Season

  • Kim,
    This is such a great example of memory drawing. I’m teaching a workshop next week and part of it covers memory drawing techniques. May I print this page to use as one of my examples?
    By the by. It could be just me but, I check this blog from time to time and when I see the same top illustration, I think that you haven’t posted anything new. Silly me…….. I wanted to mention this though incase others didn’t get it that you need to scroll down.

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