Inktober 18th

The GNSI prompt was “histology” and I guess I could have done something whimsical with diseased tissue, but I chose “misfit” instead. That one didn’t come easily though. First I tried a weird pattern-based thing that pitted swirling shapes against a Lego block (couldn’t stand to finish the swirls). Then thought I’d try something with lettering (the word “misfit” with one of the letters in an odd font) but couldn’t come up with a letter pattern I liked.

Then I pictured a rowboat. What would be misfit about a boat? The rower is too big? No… the rower is too small. And the boat is misfit for sea conditions…


Inktober 16th

The prompt is “wild” and the GNSI one is “reptile.” I was tired. Neither sounded very inspiring, so I just went for the reptile; challenge was to see how much I remember about rattlesnakes without looking at reference images. I have a lot to learn…. but I do like the composition.


In the meantime, I had an idea I really like for the prompt “wild”– and I might just substitute it for the prompt for today.

Inktober 15th

Halfway through!

Today’s GNSI prompt was “dinosaur.” This was a rush job–because I didn’t have much time, but also because I wanted to try something loose with no pencil sketch first.

I love thinking of birds as dinosaurs… so for this sketch I thought it would be fun to try thinking of dinosaurs as birds.


I’m going to have to revisit this concept again sometime, because it was a fun illustrative challenge to take what I know about drawing birds and overlay it on what (little) I know about drawing dinosaurs.


Inktober 9th

Today’s prompt is “swing.” GNSI’s is “amphibian.” I knew I wanted to draw the swing… and I briefly considered a frog flying off the edge of the page, before rejecting it for triteness.

SOMEONE needed to be flying off though… isn’t this the fantasy of anyone who ever pushed the swing to its limit on the playground?


Plus, I figure this might also count as “amphibian.” The girl can live in two worlds, the earth and the sky…