Island Naturalists

Hocker-kayak-trip-sketch- Spent a blissful three days puttering around Benjamin and North Islands with two naturalist friends. Kayaking and exploring conditions couldn't have been better: warm, sunny days with glassy water, cooler breezy evenings, lovely sunsets, few biting insects. Most importantly, we were surrounded by a paradise of nature puzzles and treasures to discover. Here's a first page of sketches; I'm planning a second page of memory sketches and notes and plan to post it soon.

UPDATE: looks like our mystery orchid is Malaxis (Hammerbya) paludosa, bog adder's-mouth orchid.

Deer Food

Deer food2  This one's a "vintage" page from several years ago. I set out to take a closer look at three plants that are considered critical winter food for Sitka black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus), the little forest deer of Southeast Alaska. 

In winter, when the more delectable plants are sleeping deciduously underground or buried beneath heavy snow, these three winter-greens tough it out on the floor of the broken-canopied hemlock/spruce forest. 

We've been seeing a lot of deer lately near my home. The warm sunny spring/early summer has coaxed bursts of ridiculously lush greenery out along the roadsides and beaches. Happy deer…