Inktober 28

Today’s prompt is “float.” I started with the waves, then spent some time musing: what might be floating here?

And of course the answer was Banjo Woman, star of my last year’s inktober series, floating in for a cameo.

Inktober 25

“Mimicry” is the GNSI prompt for today.

Inktober 23

This one is a quickie… the prompt is “scaled.”

Inktober 22

Today’s prompts are “chef” and “archaeology.” So the mash-up was obvious.

Inktober 21

Sometimes, don’t you wish you could hibernate?

Today’s prompt is “sleep.”

Inktober 19 prompt = “dizzy”….GNSI prompt = “mammal”

So… who’s the dizziest of mammals? My bet’s on the spinner dolphin (nai’a in Hawaiian; Stenella longirostris in scientific).